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Expert opinion. George Bryusov: "Challenges 2020 will transform not only the packaging of sports, but also its mission»

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Expert opinion. George Bryusov: "Challenges 2020 will transform not only the packaging of sports, but also its mission» 12.08.2020 00:00

How has the pandemic shifted priorities from big sports to mass sports? What principles are used to form the program of the upcoming Olympic games? How does eSports become part of the corporate culture? What is the humanitarian role of sport in the post-teen world? Why should the challenges of 2020 be taken into account when Forming a sports strategy for 2030? This was told by the Deputy Director Of the Roscongress Foundation, head of the Sport for All Commission of the United world of wrestling Georgy Bryusov:

"On Sunday (02.08.2020 - approx. APSI) Russia has given a restart to large - scale sports events-residents of more than 80 cities simultaneously took part in the half marathon Run.RF. More than 16 thousand people came to the start of the half marathon in Moscow, more than nine thousand - in St. Petersburg. The total audience would have exceeded 100,000, but a number of major cities were not able to join the project due to restrictions still in force. The safety of the participants was paramount.

The all-Russian race showed how much people missed the usual communication, driving, offline events, the return of which is not far off. To a certain extent, The race.The Russian Federation has joined numerous running clubs and annual events across the country, including the traditional ROSCONGRESS RACE line at major economic forums: SPIEF RACE in the historical center of St. Petersburg, EEF RACE for the protection of rare species of animals of the Far East on Russky island in Vladivostok, the governors ' Cup on the Formula 1 track in Sochi.

The main audience is active passionate people who run for themselves, their health and mood, run with their families, friends, companies, and plan their leisure and recreation together. The example of a well-organized race demonstrated a post-race trend, when mass sports confidently come out from behind big sports and go ahead. The cost of participating in the Moscow half marathon ranged from 750 to 4000 rubles for different age groups and time periods of purchase. Running stories are also an example of how mass sports are becoming a popular business product. People vote in rubles for their way of life, priorities and prospects, and many sports should understand this competition and adapt to it.

There can be no development of sports without a large army of fans and followers, there can be no progress of sports without its availability at all ages, there can be no commercial success of sports without professional work with social networks and media. Relying on state funding and a special status is unlikely to be an argument in shaping the prospects of sports, both at the national level and at the Olympic level.

As in 2013, when the introduction of reforms in wrestling under the motto "wrestling-2020! To be continued..." anticipated the appearance of the IOC "agenda 2020", which increased the emphasis on working with the audience and creating a competitive product. According to these principles, the Paris 2024 program has almost included 3×3 basketball, skateboarding, surfing, and breakdancing popular among young people, which grew out of the subculture. Each of them has a large community and business industry behind it. The Los Angeles 2028 program will also be based on these principles.

The main half marathon was preceded by a series of online races, and using the capabilities of online formats for high-quality work with the audience is another of the trends of the pandemic that will increase. The best proof of this is the explosive growth of interest in eSports, which became the main platform for collaboration between traditional sports and leading companies during this period. At the same time, the stereotype that computer games are the lot of generation z is being destroyed. ESports fully becomes part of the corporate culture, as evidenced by the successful debut Roscongress Cyber Cup, which together held August 1-2 Business Priority, "innovation", Сyber Legacy and sports platform Fund Recongress - RK-Sport.

The 2020 pandemic challenges of the sports industry require a comprehensive analysis and a decisive review of its development approaches.

Challenges 2020 will transform not only the packaging of the sport, but also its mission. The coronavirus pandemic is likely to be a turning point in the development of civilization, making significant adjustments to the attitudes and image of the world that has been formed over the past century and a half. And sport as a humanitarian breakthrough in the formation of modern man and public relations was at the forefront of post-pandemic decisions. Today, in the face of pandemic threats and restrictions, physical culture and mass (including corporate) sports in a wide variety of forms can and should become a reliable and effective argument for physical self-preservation and maintaining a high quality of life. It has been proven that obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases are dangerous factors for severe COVID-19 regardless of age. Sports, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle are the way to a confident response to the virus threat.

In this regard, a comprehensive analysis and awareness of the 2020 pandemic challenges are the key to the effective formation and implementation of the 2030 Sports strategy, which will be adopted this year and will become the main document for the development of the industry."

Source: Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation

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